A full range of accessories are available for Phonak products – ranging from in-ear receiver batteries and cleaning products to our range of highly durable Push To Talk (PTT) buttons.



The encrypted wireless transmitter developed for vehicles engaged in covert communications.



This durable interface enables Profilo Nano earpiece users to enjoy interference-free communication via Bluetooth-enabled cell- or smartphone.



Phonak Push To Talk (PTT) buttons are highly durable and built to perform. Choose from wired or wireless models to depending upon your likely usage.



Our proprietary Zinc-air batteries are highly recommended for use with Phonak in-ear receivers such as Phonito, Profilo Nano and invisity.



We offer several useful earpiece cleaning and fitting tools. (If in doubt about which to choose, please contact us for more information.)

Carkit DM
  • Product
  • CarKit DM

    The encrypted wireless transmitter developed for vehicles engaged in covert communications.

    Thanks to the CarKit DM, a covert agent is able to receive audio sources from the car radio in his Profilo earpiece. This system is based on a new wireless technology standard (DM) which allows low delay and reliable audio broadcasts to miniature low-power receivers.

    • Phonak proprietary protocole
    • 100% in-car coverage
    • Very high audio quality
    • Interference free
    • Simple pairing concepts
    • ISM globally accessible license-free band
    • Encrypted communication (AES 128bits)
    • Very easy installation within the car

    The CarKit DM transmitter can only be used with body worn receivers equipped with Digital Modulation (DM) technology.

  • Technical
  • A closer look at technical specifications.

    Carkit DM’s

    Operating temperature      
    -15 to +60°C
    Storage temperature -20 to +60°C
    Encryption AES 128bits
    Supply voltage 6 – 26V
    Current consumption ON 35mA
    Current consumption OFF 1 mA
    Audio streaming range
    Full coverage inside car
    Synchronization range
    Full coverage inside car
    Working frequency 2.4 GHz
    Technology Proprietary protocol – frequency hopping
    137mm x 103mm x 52mm

    Profilo WL-Kit DM

    Available lenghts 65 / 75cm (incl. 2 safety connectors)
    Available neck loop extension cables 50 / 60 / 70 cm
    Supply voltage External power requested (3.3 V – 10 V DC)
    Power consumption max. 30mA
  • Wiring
  • The CarKit DM is available with the following elements:

    Profilo Nano covert earpiece

    • Profilo WL-kit DM
    • Transductive neckloop with integrated microphone
    • In-line PTT on junction box
    • Waterproof wireless PTT (sync, mute, tone board or volume control, battery check)

    Profilo WL-kit DM 3.5mm

    • Transductive neckloop with integrated microphone
    • In-line PTT on junction box
    • 3.5mm stereo audio socket for connecting stereo headphones
    • Waterproof wireless PTT (sync, mute, tone board or volume control, battery check)


    The CarKit DM transmitter can only be used with body worn receivers equipped with Digital Modulation (DM) technology.

    Bluetooth Cellphone Module
    • Product
    • Bluetooth cellphone module for Profilo Nano

      This durable Bluetooth 2.0 interface by Imtradex enables Profilo Nano earpiece users to communicate discretely via cell- or smartphone.

      The module simply clips onto the belt and attaches to the HRS 12-pin connector of Profilo Nano’s wiring loop.

      This combined device approach is the only way undercover professionals can experience high-clarity phone calls via the world’s only zero-interference covert earpiece.

      This Imtradex Bluetooth module features:

      • 3 integrated buttons: On/Off, Accept/Reject Call, Push To Talk (activates Profilo Nano’s loop microphone)
      • Built-in rechargeable battery
      • Belt clip
      • HRS 12-pin connector

      Two wireless PTT buttons are also available:

      • The Bluetooth Wireless Button features a single PTT button (offers identical functionality to the wired module’s PTT button above).
      • The Bluetooth Wireless Switch features 2 buttons: one PTT, and a second button that activates full-duplex ‘talk and listen’ mode.

      Other optional extras include a car charger, accumulator pack and charging interface (to guarantee the module’s usability during charging).

      This product is available only in Europe.

      Push To Talk (PTT) Buttons
      • Wireless
      • Phonak’s two wireless Push To Talk (PTT) buttons offer users excellent flexibility. Choose from two models:

        Covert Wireless AC PTT

        This handheld PTT (top left) is small, light, comfortable to use and highly discrete.

        • Mute function
        • Toneboard
        • Battery check feature
        • Fully waterproof

        Compatible with: Profilo Nano, Primero DPC+, Cobra and Serenity DPC+ wirings.

        Tactical Wireless AC PTT

        This handheld PTT (center left) is small, light and comfortable to use.

        • Identification mode
        • Toneboard
        • Mute function
        • Battery status LED
        • Fully waterproof

        Compatible with: Profilo Nano, Primero DPC+, Cobra and Serenity DPC+ wirings.

        Note: The PTT’s above both feature AutoConnect (AC) technology and must be used in combination with Phonak AC-branded wiring loops/kits. They are not backwards-compatible with non-AC loops.

      • Wired
      • Need to keep your hands free? Choose from one of our durable wired push to talk (PTT) switches.

        Inline PTT

        This PTT is designed to used when a user’s wireless PTT has been lost or damaged.

        Compatible with: Cobra, Spyder and Profilo Nano wirings.

        2-key PTT

        A light and durable 2-key PTT (shown bottom left) that offers great user comfort.

        Compatible with: Spyder, Profilo LM-kit AC and 3-wire wiring kits.


        This robust PTT switch has been especially designed for use with other protective gear and can be easily operated while wearing thick gloves.


        PTT is a handy finger-ring PTT. It can also be used with a motorcycle headset, such as Primero, as it fits easily around motorbike or bicycle handlebars. It can also be used alongside a weapon.

        2-inch PTT

        This PTT button is designed to connect ComCom (Radio version) and/or Serenity SPC to any professional two-way radio.

        Compatible with: ComCom, Serenity SPC.

        • Cleaning
        • The following two cleaning products are recommended for use with all Phonak in-ear receivers.

          Cerumex waxguard

          The cerumen filter system is used to stop ear wax getting inside in-ear receivers such as Profilo, Phonito and invisity.

          Cleaning spray

          Use this to safely disinfect and clean your Phonak in-ear receiver (spray shown above left).

        • Fitting
        • If you use a Phonak in-ear receiver, the following product might be of interest.


          These discrete little wraps are designed to ensure your earpiece always fits perfectly and securely in your ear canal.

          • Batteries
          • Phonak in-ear receiver batteries

            Our A10 Zinc-air 1.4V batteries (left) are optimized for effective wireless communications.

            We highly recommend using these batteries with the following Phonak products:

            Profilo Nano

            Phonito Nano

            Phonito Intra


            Accessories FAQ

            This section answers the questions we regularly receive about our product accessories, such as Phonak push to talk (PTT) buttons, batteries, cleaning products and more.

            Note: If the information you require is not shown below, please help us improve this page by sending us your question (we will also email you our reply direct).

            How long does the battery of Phonak’s Covert Wireless PTT last?

            Approximately 2 years, depending on daily usage.

            How long does the battery of Phonak’s Tactical Wireless PTT last?

            Around 10-12 months, depending on daily usage.

            What is the range of these two wireless PTT’s?

            Up to 2 meters (6.5 feet).

            What if I lose my wireless PTT?

            You can use the wired PTT button on your system’s electronic junction box until you have the chance to order/synchronize another wireless PTT.

            Can another user use their wireless PTT to interfere with my communications?

            No. Because you must synchronize your wireless PTT with the electronic junction box of your individual loop before operation, only your wireless PTT will work with your earpiece system.

            How long is the ‘pairing window’ for programming a wireless PTT once the earpiece/headset has been connected to the radio and the radio turned On?

            The ‘pairing window’ remains open for approximately 3 minutes. After your device has been paired, or the PTT is pressed, the pairing window automatically closes.

            How can I avoid the Covert Wireless PTT from slipping back inside its casing?

            Remove the cover.

            Is it possible to pair more than one wireless PTT to a single wiring loop?

            No. Only one Phonak wireless PTT can be paired and used with a single  wiring loop. As soon as a new wireless PTT is paired, the previous PTT will stop functioning.

            How can I check the battery status of my PTT?

            For the Covert Wireless PTT, simultaneously hold down the two outer buttons for around 3 seconds. If the LED is illuminated, the battery is fine. If the LED blinks, the battery should be replaced soon.

            For the Tactical Wireless PTT, hold down the two + / – buttons simultaneously for around 3 seconds. Again, if the LED is illuminated, the battery is fine. If it blinks, replace the battery.

            How do I know when my earpiece’s battery is low?

            Approximately 15 minutes before its battery dies you will hear a three-beep warning signal, advising you to change the battery.

            Are Phonak batteries rechargeable?

            No. Phonak A10 Zinc-Air batteries are designed to be used just once and then replaced.