Sun Communication

World wide awarded communication solutions


From police, state and border security to airport and fire services, Sun Communication offers advanced radio headsets, in-ear receivers and hearing protection systems to suit every operation.


Whatever your industry, we have a highly durable solution to enhance your communication and safeguard your hearing.

  • In-Ear Receivers
  • Phonak produces a wide range of miniaturized in-ear receivers, all offering crystal-clear in-ear output and day-long wearer comfort. Simply browse the categories below to find the in-ear receiver for you.


    Transductive technology by Phonak is the only transmission technology capable of guaranteeing covert earpiece users 100% interference-free communication.


    Inductive Phonito in-ear receivers are firmly established as the most popular covert earpieces on the market, offering excellent performance, great value and full wiring loop flexibility.

  • Roger™ Covert System
  • Covert missions redefined

    As a security expert, you know the importance of clear communications for a successful mission. Phonak is pleased to introduce you to the new Roger Covert, its unparalleled wireless communication system for mobile physical surveillance. The Roger Covert system has been specifically designed for applications where you need the highest levels of accuracy and discreetness. Register or sign in to learn more about how Roger Covert can help you operate at the highest level.

  • Headsets
  • Phonak smartphone and two way radio headsets offer a winning mix of world class audio performance and day-long in-ear comfort. Whether you work for the Police, Emergency Services, in aviation or you simply want a hands-free headset that performs in every environment, a Phonak headset will more than meet your needs.


    ComCom is Phonak’s hands-free smartphone and radio headset.


    There is a Phonak hearing protection headset to suit every type of noise environment.

    Primero DPC+ is for use in the very loudest extreme noise. Serenity DPC+ is for users who work in fluctuating noise. Serenity SPC is for users who operate in constant loud noise.

  • Hearing Protection
  • At Phonak we are serious about protecting hearing. Our wide range of in-ear hearing protection systems features solutions for every type of user operating in every type of noise environment – from industrial plant workers who require protection with radio or phone communication, to aircraft pilots who fly in constant loud noise, and hunters looking to reduce the in-ear volume of gun shots while retaining full ambient awareness.


    Our passive (or ‘static’) systems are designed for use in continuous loud noise. Serenity SP is fully modular, enabling the user to click their ear shells into other Serenity products. Serenity Classic is designed for rugged use, while Silemo Mini suits offices and clean workplaces.


    Serenity DP is a dynamic or ‘active’ system that features level-dependent protection. This technology monitors the surrounding noise and adjusts the system’s noise reduction (attenuation) accordingly, making it ideal for fluctuating noise environments.


    If you require hearing protection and radio or phone communication, Phonak has the system for you. Primero DPC is our premium product for use in extreme noise. Serenity DPC features level-dependent protection with radio/ phone connectivity. Serenity SPC suits those who work in continuous loud noise.


    SafetyMeter is Phonak’s proprietary fit testing system, designed to ensure that users of Serenity in-ear hearing protection receive and continue to receive exactly the protection they require over time.

  • Accessories
  • A full range of accessories are available for Phonak products – ranging from in-ear receiver batteries and cleaning products to our range of highly durable Push To Talk (PTT) buttons.


    The encrypted wireless transmitter developed for vehicles engaged in covert communications.


    This durable interface enables Profilo Nano earpiece users to enjoy interference-free communication via Bluetooth-enabled cell- or smartphone.


    Phonak Push To Talk (PTT) buttons are highly durable and built to perform. Choose from wired or wireless models to depending upon your likely usage.


    Our proprietary Zinc-air batteries are highly recommended for use with Phonak in-ear receivers such as Phonito, Profilo Nano and invisity.


    We offer several useful earpiece cleaning and fitting tools. (If in doubt about which to choose, please contact us for more information.)