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SunCommunication SRL operates on the Romanian market in the professional radio communication systems in miniature, with the world leader foreign partner of this product segment, Phonak Communications AG from Switzerland.
The business scope of our company is dedicated to professional radio communication equipment intended for use in electromagnetic and sound polluted environments. Depending on the environment where it operates, Phonak communication systems fall into two broad categories: covert radio communication systems and hearing protection and communication systems.
SunCommunication holds ISO 9001:2008, with the following field of application: ``marketing, personalization and service for voice and data communications systems for hearing protection.`` SunCommunication goal is to meet customer expectations by offering them products, and services in accordance with the regulations, of high quality and performance. Also, all our products are approved and certified medically.
Covert radio communications segment provides solutions at the highest level for specific activities where required complete secrecy, clear communication without interference or interruption, and greater freedom of movement. Applicability of radio communications products addresses both undercover state sector (police, military, special forces, security and protection services, stakeout, rescue or emergency intervention, etc.) and private (security firms and protection, bodyguards, VIP escorts, etc.).
Hearing protection and communication systems (sight, visible but miniaturized) ensure perfect communication between team members, without interruptions or background noise and at the same time, protects the user's hearing from impact loud noises, produce of the military exercises in polygon, of the explosions, and of the background noises such as jet engines, ships, tanks, etc..
The range of products for both segments comprises all components that form a complete miniature communications system (transmitter, receiver, microphone, coil, PTT, etc.), and the accessories. The quality of these products is reflected in the efficiency of use and the specific working conditions.
Internationally, the most representative customers of the Phonak Communications brand are:
Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Interior from France, US Navy Seals, US Departement of Justice, US Customs, US Federal Bureau of Prisons, DEA, US Marine Corps, US Air Force,
FBI, CIA, etc.
Our company's products are successfully used in:

• Information services
• Security Structures
• Military Structures
• Structures of justice
• Airports
• Security and border surveillance
• Mobile teams
• Port Area
• On the board ships